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1 )   Many people enquire how to make Turkish Delight at home. Well, here is an excellent video to demonstrate the basis of making this lovely delicacy. We hope you enjoy it, and maybe try making it with your children…Its great fun, if a little messy! 

Here’s How to Make Turkish Delight at Home….

2 )   We, at Sultan Delights, engage with our customers, via many markets, mainly St. George’s in Belfast. We convey to our audience, where Turkish Delight fits into the Turkish ethos and tradition. Unlike people in the west, who just ‘gobble’ the sweet as and when we fancy, Turkish people treat it with the reverence it deserves, which can be best demonstrated in the video below, we hope you enjoy….

3 )   In other news, unfortunately we have had to drop our Coffee Turkish Delight, due to lack of popularity. We have discovered that the Coffee variety, was a ‘Marmite’ thing, you loved it or hated it. Alas not enough customers loved it to keep in on our shelves.