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Turkish Delight, has always been a favourite of my brother, but alas I was never keen. It was the squishiness of it that put me off, although the flavour was ok. It wasn’t until I was 27 years old, that I learned about what Real Turkish Delight should taste like, and then I instantly loved it. The story of which follows…….
1) In 2005, after a trip home to Istanbul, a work college of mine, Mehmet brought Pistachio Turkish Delight into work, and shared them around to the staff. He was soon surrounded by people from other departments, who were loving the treat, and even wondered what it was, as we had never experienced Real Turkish Delight in the UK.
2) In 2009 after being made redundant, I hatched my plan to sell Real Turkish Delight online. We carried out market research, which proved super successful as we were asked to sell the product!
Our Turkish Delight Stall in Belfast !
Our Turkish Delight Outlet in Belfast!
3) Shortly after I Imported several pallets of 10 varieties of Turkish Delight and engaged the services of a web-builder, and so www.sultandelights.co.uk was born.
4) Around the same time, I opened a stall in the St. Georges market, in Belfast, Northern Ireland
5) 2010 Website up and running with a Google Ad in the UK, as expected, things are slow to begin with. As word spreads, we become increasingly busy, with purchases coming from countries like USA, Germany, France, Spain and Italy, and even Sri Lanka.
6) In 2014 we began to sell on Amazon.
7) In 2015 we extended to Amazon: Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

St. Georges Anecdotal Stories

1) A girl purchases 5 bags of Turkish Delight, I point out, that it is better value to buy box, she replies that she is climbing to the base camp of Everest (17,598 ft) next week, and bags are easier and the turkish delight gives great instant energy value.
2) A Turkish Lady looks very suspicious at the turkish delight on the stall and asked me about Sultan Delights. She has a little taste, her face then lights up, smiling from ear to ear and does wee dance in celebration of finding Real turkish delight in the UK-tells everyone near the stall to come, come….then I am then very busy!
3) A Well spoken Lady and Gent cautiously try our Turkish delight, they smile and say that it is even nicer than product they purchased from a store that will remain nameless, suffice to say, it is the most luxurious store in UK and Europe and is situated in the Knightbridge area of London.
4) One year, when the continental market was in town, customers approached me for a taste. There eyes light up, but had already purchased, at a much greater expense, from the other market. However they did buy 2 boxes and 5 bags from us.
5) Many people come to the stall asking about Sultan Delights and why I started it.
Many people come to the stall with the intention to buy for a friend or family, and say that they personally don’t like Turkish delight, of course I offer some and their eyes light up and they say things like-‘most surprised’ ‘that’s lovely’ ‘didn’t think I like it’, then they generally buy the gift and a little for themselves.
Throughout Europe, real Turkish delight is generally not available. We are usually only supplied with flavoured jelly. Even in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, we have seen flavoured jelly, know as ‘tourist delight’ passing for Real Turkish delight. You have to check ingredients, even in Turkey!

Check out our 10 varieties of Turkish Delight.

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